NETTO – The Tall Ships RacesSzczecin, Poland


NETTO is a European chain of supermarkets of the Danish concern Dansk Supermarked A/S. The first Netto supermarket was opened on the 1st of April 1981 in Copenhagen. Its logo is a black-hair dog named Scottie, holding a basket in its mouth. Development of the company on competitive markets required undertaking numerous unorthodox and effective marketing operations.


  • Strengthening the image of NETTO as a professional, modern and friendly company which is open to people
  • Promoting offer from “healthy shelf” and own brands, as products with high quality and low prices
  • Building brand awareness in social media by presenting non-trade related content
  • Raising the reach and engagement of fans in social media (Facebook, Instagram)


An excellent mean to implement the goal was the participation of NETTO in the event entitled “The Tall Ships Races 2017”. The creative concept assumed maximum engagement of participants in the NETTO brand – to touch, to feel the brand, to engage in its life. We knew that the best results could be achieved through HYBRID SOLUTIONS.


In order to implement the assumed goals – achieve success – we created three special NETTO zones.
RELAX ZONE – we built a SUPERMARKET with a surface area of 400 m2 and a beach in front of it, using 150 tons of sand. In front of the supermarket, customers could relax on sunbeds and find out how to enjoy their health and excellent fitness. Specially prepared classes with competitions were run by a personal coach and founder of the ALSQUAD school – Daniel Ortega.
NETTO TV STUDIO – on a LED screen with 4K resolution we broadcasted a programme prepared for the needs of the event. The content was transmitted also on the FB profile and YT NETTO. Moreover, beautiful hostesses handed out awards and gifts and they encouraged visitors becoming familiar with the NETTO brand.
VR ZONE, i.e. VIRTUAL ADVENTURE FOR KIDS – we prepared special games and competitions with awards. The zone was visited by more than 10,000 children aged 5-16 – most often with parents who often wanted to become familiar with “the new world” as well.
However, the greatest attraction of the event was SCOTTIE produced especially for the occasion.


The estimated number of participants exceeded 2 million people. All activities were uploaded to the Internet on an ongoing basis thanks to which the total organic reach of FB posts during the project was 451,9 K which increased the total organic reach and activities related to the Netto Polska Fanpage to more than 65%. Thanks to a three-fold increase in the number of posts (live broadcasting, “Find Scottie” competition) we noted a nearly two-fold increase in the number of shares and comments (256 of which, i.e. 59% during the weekend). The number of post shares (70%) also increased, and all this within organic traffic on the profile. Moreover, we noted a nearly ten-fold increase in the number of likes of posts with the “Superb” reaction. And to all that, what’s most important to us – appreciation and thanks from the Customer:

„An excellent team, professionalism, total flexibility, engagement, great ideas and even better implementation.”

Katarzyna Werner, Media and Campaign Coordinator, NETTO Sp. z o.o.