LOTOS – We build the futureWarsaw, Poland


Excellent communication with key business partners constitutes the basis to implement sales plans for a company which plans to introduce a new strategy.


  • Strengthening the image of LOTOS Paliwa as the best business partner in the fuel sector
  • Effective communication of information about the strategies and business plans of LOTOS Paliwa
  • Strengthening relationships with key business partners


Strategic business partners of LOTOS Paliwa “have been everywhere and have seen everything”.
Engaging such a target group into the LOTOS brand was a huge challenge. Therefore, we perfectly planned the organisation of a meeting the motto of which was “We build the future”. The creative concept assumed combining the future with the present and presenting the road which must be taken to allow implementation of common goals.


For the needs of the event which took place in the Warszawianka Hotel near Warsaw, we prepared presentations and videos preceded with a 4-minute 3D mapping. After a virtual trip in the city of the future in which the LOTOS brand was present, robots built a modern petrol station in front of the guests. A 22 m x 5 m screen, CHRISTIE projectors with the total power of 65,000 ANSI and spectacular animation were used to achieve this. Scenography was maintained in white and it suited the architectural lighting of the venue in corporate colours perfectly.

During the evening GALA ball, thanks to technological solutions it was possible to change the arrangement of the venue immediately though which the guests could feel as if they were transferred to a completely different space.

We paid attention to the process of servicing the guests. The base of participants – which was developed in detail – allowed us to send customised invitations, and then print identifiers on which apart from the guest’s name, the motto and programme of the meeting were included. Thanks to the use of an original application utilising QR CODE, the time of service of one participant ranged between 5 and 13 seconds.


Our activities resulted in strengthening of the image of LOTOS Paliwa as the best business partner in the fuel sector in Poland. For many months after implementation of the event we received numerous thanks and congratulations – the planned WOW effect was achieved in full.

„Experience and creativity were translated into measurable results. Thanks to planners.live we have achieve the WOW effect again. Great mapping – congratulations!”

Paweł Lisowski President of the Management Board, LOTOS Paliwa