What to do if an increase in sales is related to the need to engage owners of companies, as they make key business decisions? They are people who do not have time, they have people for everything and they earn PLN 100,000 per month.


  • Developing a strategy and execution of External Communication activities addressed at key business partners
  • Strengthening the image of LOTOS Paliwa as the best business partner in the fuel sector
  • Increase in sales in the B2B area


After a detailed analysis of the target group we concluded that making owners of excellently prospering companies interested in a programme requires a special and unusual approach. This is how the LOTOS AMAZONIA (DISCOVERING UNKNOW) project was created.


The book by Jacek Pałkiewicz entitled “AMAZONKA” (signed by the author) with the address, login and password to a dedicated website on which all the details of the project, including ideas, goals, terms and conditions as well as awards were available, constituted the invitation to participate in the programme. It was sent to nearly 400 owners of companies – business partners of LOTOS PALIWA. Among them, 20 people whose companies place the largest orders or show the greatest purchase dynamics in a defined period would receive the award. The award was a spectacular trip to Amazonia with Jacek Pałkiewicz himself – a traveller, discoverer of Amazon sources, member of the actual Royal Geographical Society and creator of a survival school. For the entire duration of the programme on the website pictures from various expeditions of Jacek Pałkiewicz and the detailed expedition schedule were published. Finally, 49 people participated in the expedition. The 9-day programme consisted of a flight to Manaus in Brazil, an expedition into Amazonia, a flight to Rio De Janeiro and a safe return to Poland. The entire video of the expedition is available here.


The results exceeded not only the expectations of the customer, but also ours – 100% interest in the programme translated into an increase in sales (detailed data cannot be disclosed), and last but not least the expedition will always be remembered by the participants.

„A fantastic idea and excellent implementation! Passion, full engagement, knowledge, experience and… joint success!”

Paweł Lisowski President of the Management Board, LOTOS Paliwa